How to open the results in ParaView.


Paraview screenshot tutorial for lid driven cavity:

Once you compile and run your simulation an output directory containing the results will be created. In this directory you can find the set of *.vti files corresponding to the time-steps requested in the configuration file and 'LBMflow.pvd' file that contains links to individual vti files.

Make sure you have installed last version of ParaView. 'LBMflow.pvd' file can be opened directly in ParaView.


Open LBMflow.pvd in ParaView


Do not forget to 'Apply' the changes to load the first file.


Now you have to create a contour (iso-surface), use the filter 'Contour' from menu or toolbar



Once the contour is selected, 'Apply' the changes to display the results, you should see something like that:



Now selecting the next step you can load next time-step file and analyse your results:



Single Phase simulations contain only velocity field and to visualise it you need to use 'Glyph' function:



Paraview screenshot tutorial for lid driven cavity example can be downloaded here:


More information about visualization and post-processing can be found at .