WHAT IS openLBMflow:
The openLBMflow is a handy, easy to use and open source Lattice Boltzmann solver. Capable to simulate 2D or 3D, single or multiphase fluid flow. Single phase is a standard BGK lattice Boltzmann model, and Multiphase is a popular Schan-Chen BGK model. 2D version is implemented on D2Q9 lattice and 3D on D3Q19 lattice.

Example of simulation:  coalescence of two droplets

Main features:

  • 2D and 3D fluid flow simulation using Lattice Boltzmann Method,
  • Single phase, single relaxation time LBGK model,
  • Multi phase Schan-Chen, single relaxation time model,
  • Bounce back boundary condition implemented for walls simulation,
  • Moving top and bottom wall implemented,
  • External body force for gravity effect simulation,
  • VTK image file output for easy visualization in Paraview.


Recently openLBMflow has received "100% FREE" Softpedia award.